What Do I Even Do?

Workin It

“So, what is it that you do?” “What is your business?” These are the questions I get all the time. Because who starts a luxury business in Iowa related to gift-giving!?

What does she even do?

My business is two-fold.

  1. I find gifts for special occasions.
  2. I help companies come up with ideas for their client, customer, and/or employee recognition. I then bring the ideas into fruition by buying, packaging, and delivering them to the company.

I am an expert gift finder for special occasion gift giving.

  • I learn about the person/people who will be receiving the gift.
  • I do research and look online for ideas.
  • I give 2-3 options to my client from which they pick their favorite.
  • I buy it and then package the gift if the client wants me to do so.

For companies, I am a gift concierge.

  • I listen to what their goals, budget, and ideas are for their project.
  • I gather data either from surveys or from staff knowledge.
  • I create a plan for what I believe to be the best path to building relationships through recognition programs.
  • And finally, I put the plan into practice.

But what is that?

So, what is being a gifting expert like? What even is a gift concierge? It’s simple. I wanted to extend my love of building relationships to my clients. I mean who doesn’t need help alleviating the stress that comes with finding ‘just the right thing’ to show gratitude to clients and staff? I love curating just the right thing for the person receiving the gift. That’s where the concierge piece comes into play.

My secret: thoughtful, memorable gifts come from paying attention to the little things. Since I was a child shopping with my mom, I knew that shopping was my zen moment, my happy place and that it provided me minutes of calm in the middle of almost any storm. My passion for creating connections between people started in Kindergarten when I introduced my friend Michael to another friend because they both loved to race Matchbox cars.

Now, when the moment comes and you need some help finding just the right thing, I’m right here to help save you time and headspace. Because shopping is my superpower.