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Mom’s Day Gifts

Moms are the best. Many of my favorite memories are with my mom. Some of my least favorites as well! She's been there through it all. And with Mother’s Day right around the corner, there's no better way to show her how much we appreciate…
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Giftology or Why I Started Favorable

Giftology or Why I Started Favorable In late 2020, a friend asked me what I would want to do if I could do anything. I said, without hesitation, SHOP FOR A LIVING! I told her about wanting to help people who didn’t have time, energy, or the…
Shannon Ponders

Using Chat GPT to Blog about Professional Gift-Giving

Chat GPT Wrote This Blog - What the Heck is THAT? If you've been paying attention at all in the news or world lately, you've been hearing about ChatGPT and Open AI platforms. Essentially ChatGPT is a chatbot that generates human-like conversation…
Whimsy Jewelry Jump Roper Necklace
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Gift Ideas from One of a Kind Show – Chicago

One of a Kind Show - Chicago As you all know, I LOVE the One of a Kind Show – Chicago. I’ve posted, talked, and gushed about it for years…so much so that a group of us head there together each December. I find the best, most unique gifts.…
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It never hurts to ask.

Previously... Much like A Christmas Story, there I was.  7 years old.  On the big guy’s lap, providing detailed evidence as to all my nice deeds for the year and clarifying a few naughty moments. My Christmas list was simple and pretty…
Budget Plan

What’s Your Plan for 2023?

It's budget time! If the calendar year is your budget year, you are probably waist-deep in the budgeting process. I know I am.  How fun! Revenue projections…  Scheduling major projects and expenses…   Non-profits are holding 2023…