Receiving a gift from your child is WILD, right? First, it’s a hand turkey from their pre-school class. Next, it’s a cheap bracelet they got out of a gumball machine (Do they even have those anymore?) or the Dollar Tree. Then, it’s a multi-colored pillow they made themselves. Whatever it continues to be, it’s a beautiful expression of love, thoughtfulness, and the special bond between parent and child. But what are those feelings and why are they so important? Well, here’s why:

Overwhelming Joy

The first and most immediate emotion that a parent feels when given a gift from their child is overwhelming joy. It’s a heartwarming experience to see your child’s face light up with excitement as they present you with a gift they’ve carefully chosen or crafted. This joy stems from knowing that your child took the time and effort to make you feel special.

Deeply Touched

Receiving a gift from your child often brings tears and touches you deeply on an emotional level. It’s a profound reminder of the love and connection shared between parent and child. The thoughtfulness behind the gift and the sentiment it carries evoke strong emotions of gratitude and appreciation.

Sense of Pride

Parents feel an immense sense of pride when receiving a gift from their child. Whether it’s a handmade card, a drawing, or a thoughtful present, it reflects the child’s creativity, effort, and thoughtfulness. This pride stems not just from the gift itself but from witnessing the growth and development of their child’s abilities and expressions of love.


A gift from your child serves as a validation of your role as a parent. It signifies that you’ve nurtured a loving and supportive relationship built on trust, respect, and affection. It’s a testament to the positive impact you’ve had on your child’s life, and it reinforces the bond between you.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Receiving a gift from your child instills a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation. It’s a moment to reflect on the blessings of parenthood and the joy of having a loving family. The gift becomes a symbol of the love and care shared within the family unit.

Treasured Memories

Gifts from your child become treasured memories that you hold dear for a lifetime. They evoke nostalgia and fondness as you reminisce about the special moments shared with your child. These memories become part of your family’s story and are passed down through generations.

So, of course I think it’s important to give gifts to any/everyone you value. But the reason behind it is all of these things and so many more.  It’s a reminder of the beauty of parenthood and the incredible journey of watching your child grow and flourish. And because Mother’s Day is just around the corner, remember that THESE are the reasons why you give the gifts. And, of course if all else fails, contact me and I’ll help you get something for that important parent!

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Meaningful Gestures for New Beginnings – Graduation Gifts

OMG, can you believe it but graduations and graduation parties are set. Invitations are being sent out. I. Can’t. Believe. It. What made me think of this, you ask? My lovely, kind, sweet, and SMART niece Lizzie graduates this year. So I have been hemming and hawing over what I should get her. Graduation is a significant milestone that marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. It’s a time of celebration, achievement, and anticipation for the future. So, choosing just the right graduation gift can be a daunting task. To help you navigate this process, and alleviate some of the headaches I’ve had over this, here’s a guide to buying the best graduation gifts that are meaningful, practical, and memorable.

Consider Their Passions and Goals

The best graduation gifts are those that resonate with the recipient’s interests, passions, and future aspirations. Take some time to think about what the graduate enjoys doing in their spare time, what their career goals are, and how you can support them on their journey. For example, if they’re a budding chef, consider a high-quality kitchen knife or a cooking class. (My favorites are at NewBo City Market!) If they’re passionate about travel, a travel journal could be the perfect gift. I just got the CUTEST one from Scribe Stationer in NewBo.

Personalize It

Adding a personal touch to a gift can make it truly special. Consider personalized items such as engraved jewelry, monogrammed accessories, or custom-made artwork. I wish I’d have kept the pictures she used to make for me. I’d have TOTALLY made custom artwork out of it. (My go-to is my local CVS because they can do same-day canvas at many of them.)

Practicality Goes a Long Way

While sentimental gifts are wonderful, practical gifts that can be used in everyday life or in their future endeavors are also highly appreciated. Think about items that can make their transition into the next phase of their life smoother, such as a laundry basket with laundry soap and rolls of quarters (Or is that even a thing anymore!?).

Experiences Over Things

Sometimes, the best gifts aren’t things but experiences. Consider gifting the graduate an experience they’ve always wanted to try, such as tickets to a concert or sporting event, a spa day, a cooking class, or a weekend getaway. These experiences create wonderful memories for you and your favorite graduate.

Tech Savvy Gifts

In today’s digital age, tech gadgets make excellent graduation gifts. Consider options like a high-quality backpack, noise-canceling headphones, a tablet for note-taking, or a smartwatch to help them stay organized and connected.

Books for Inspiration

Books are timeless gifts that can inspire, educate, and motivate. You could opt for a gift card to a bookstore so they can choose their own reading material. Or you can go the traditional route of Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. I still have mine that was signed by a very good family friend.

Financial Support

A gift of money can be immensely helpful and appreciated. It shows your support for their future success and eases some of the financial burdens they may be facing.

Buying the best graduation gift involves thoughtful consideration of the graduate’s interests, goals, and needs. Whether you choose a personalized keepsake, a practical item, an enriching experience, or a book or two for their relaxation, the key is to show your support and celebrate their accomplishments as they embark on this new chapter in their lives. This will help you win the “Best Graduation Gift” Wars. 🙂

Or you could just contact me and I can buy a really cool gift for your really special grad!

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