Top 5 List

We all love Top 5 Lists, right? Well, this holiday season I shopped at every site, store, and sale you could imagine! I was lucky to locate some great finds for clients, family, and friends. But what were my Top 5’s in different categories? Let’s start with what websites I found the most gifts this year? The Top 5 websites are:


Want to know some of my favorite local stores that I found GREAT options for friends and family in the Eastern Iowa area? These are the Top 5 stores I hit this year:

  1. Scout of Marion
  2. NewBo City Market
  3. Almost Famous Popcorn
  4. Next Page Books
  5. Raygun

But what about you? Where can you really go for that certain person in your life? Other than calling me to help, of course, I have some sites I love to use for certain personality types. Here’s the Top 5 list for those certain someones in your life:

  1. For the Early Adopter –
  2. For the Monogram Maven –
  3. For the Hard to Buy For –
  4. For the Status Conscious –
  5. For the “I don’t need something else in my house” or the “saving the world” types –
    Truth: I haven’t used this site but have had friends that have. But, if you know where your friends’ passions lie, give to that nonprofit in their name.

But you don’t have to do the shopping yourself. Hire me! I love to do the legwork and the research for you. Just fill out the Contact Us form and I’ll get to work on your next important gift!