My Favorite Gift

convertible car

What’s one of your favorite things? Gifts from family, friends, or a significant other? Maybe something entirely bought by you, for you?

My favorite thing is small. It’s barely a thing. It was something my husband gave me in April for our 25th wedding anniversary, just as I decided to start my business. We joked for months about what he had in mind, knowing his parents celebrated their 25th anniversary behind the wheel of a brand-new convertible. I kept teasing him about the color of my “anniversary car.”

But do you know what he did? Something much less flashy and expensive, but so much more thoughtful and loving. It wasn’t tangible. It wasn’t showy. It was beyond meaningful. Do you know why?

He gave me the keys to my brand and endorsed my passion.

In starting this business, I wasn’t always 100% sure how comfortable he was with me taking this giant leap. I was ALWAYS the one with a full-time job with salary and benefits…minus a few months when I was finishing my business degree, I’d always been working a 40+ hour a week job. So, after 25 years of marriage, and a few more years before that, this was uncharted territory for both of us.

His gift embraced my dream. It was a simple note confirming an appointment with an incredible graphic designer and brand builder. (You simply MUST meet my friend Bill Basler.) Not only was it an amazing gift, but it also confirmed support and understanding. He bought me something that meant so much more than an anniversary car. He helped me unwrap my passion that day.


[Free Stock photo by Vecteezy. Thanks, Vecteezy!]