How to Gift

gifting box

My gut has always been what I go with when it comes to gifts. I’ll be out for a totally different shopping reason and see something that screams, “MUST GET THIS FOR [insert friend or family member here]!” so I do. Who laughs at my think ahead ability: my husband. He laughs not only because he believes I just buy to buy, but because I have a LARGE gifts-for-other people box. (“Of course it’s for other people! Things you buy for you are called POSSESSIONS., ” says he.)

gifting boxI keep these gifts in a giant plastic box. They come out when a birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, graduation, etc. happens. Yes, I have forgotten that I have these items at times. But that just means it goes to the next occasion.

I also buy things just because I think they are cool and place them in the gifts-for-other-people box. You’re invited somewhere and need to have a gift for a housewarming, birthday, anniversary?! Check that box for what will work. Major stress-out averted!

But how do I know what to pick up?

I love getting to know what makes a person tick and then shopping for the perfect thing in support of that. I get asked all the time “Where did you get that,” or “That’s just what I needed. How did you know?” I have an uncanny knack for finding great gifts. I get an adrenaline high and so much satisfaction and happiness from seeing people’s reactions to gifts they love.

I also have 5 Things That Make Buying a Gift Easier.

  1. Think about what you have seen the giftee:
    • do,
    • drink,
    • dwell in,
    • dine on, or
    • dress in.
  2. What is the thing you have seen them enjoy THE MOST?
  3. Google a word or phrase that corresponds to what you are thinking of giving and see what unique fun thing pops up.
  4. Pick something in your price range and that the giftee will feel comfortable receiving.
  5. BUY THE THING. Don’t wait too long to make it happen because that severely cuts down your options.

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