Budget Plan

What’s Your Plan for 2023?

It's budget time! If the calendar year is your budget year, you are probably waist-deep in the budgeting process. I know I am.  How fun! Revenue projections…  Scheduling major projects and expenses…   Non-profits are holding 2023…
Ready Bag - Sr Living

It’s in the Bag – Appreciation Gifts at the Ready

Have you ever heard the term “it’s in the bag?”  Not many people know where it originated. Story Time The start of the baseball season, May 1920, the Ohio newspaper The Mansfield News prints this report: An old superstition was…
Beach Bag Donation

Giving Back Through Gifting

Time. Treasure. Talent. These are the three “Ts” of philanthropy, commonly given by you or me to a deserving cause or organization. Growing up in a small town, with a family very active in our church, school, and community, I learned…
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SIX MONTHS to the Holidays?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

It seems weird (read: terrifying!) to say it, but we are officially SIX MONTHS away from Christmas and less than that to the holiday season. And with the holidays can come stress. A survey by the American Psychological Association, 38 percent…
Connection plan

Connection Plans: Strategically Targeted Thank Yous

Recently I was working with a client. And they asked me how I decided on the elements of their custom Connection Plan. Psst: If you are wondering what a Connection Plan is, please reach out. I’d be happy to tell you! (Hint: Client/Customer/Employee…
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Gifting from the Outside In

One of my FAVORITE parts of creating a curated gift is the design of it. If there is a theme, what is it? How many things can I fit into the theme before it is too many? Staying within the budget is its own kind of challenge. How can I get the…