Favorable Beginnings

Ahhh the 80s

When I Was a Kid

When you were a kid, did you just LOVE your birthday or Christmas, or any other gift-receiving event? Most kids do. Did you get what you asked for? Did you get something that you didn’t even know you wanted? That high you got from the anticipation and surprise still is like nothing you feel later in life. (Well, maybe when your child is born. I wouldn’t know. My children are 4-legged and VERY furry.)

I definitely was one of these. I loved that feeling when you started to unwrap and see what amazing gift your mom, dad, aunt, gramma, stepparent, friend, etc. thought of for you.

When I Got Older

As I got older, I realized that I got that same high when I bought presents for people. I loved the thrill of finding JUST the right thing. And if it was super novel and nobody had seen it before, even better! Did it make your friend cry or did your dad want to put his together right away?! AWESOME! And then the question came regularly, “Hey, where did you get [Insert awesome gift here.] I want to get one for [Insert friend, family member, dog, here.]” So, I’d help friends find just the right thing!

But this doesn’t just apply to individuals. In past jobs, I’ve been lucky to work with people who were committed to thanking clients/customers/employees in unusual ways. Brainstorming and ideating on this was so energizing! How can we best thank YOU for trusting us?! I used my sleuthing skills and everyday knowledge to find the gifts that would be most appreciated and valued by the individuals we were thanking.

Transition Time

So, when I was ready for a transition from 25+ years in non- and for-profit marketing, I thought of what I LOVE to do and what I’m most passionate about.

What came to mind first? Buying gifts for people!

What came to mind second? Building plans that thank people.

Favorable Relationships

And that is how Favorable came to be. It combines my three loves: Strategy, Creativity, and Shopping! Now I’m ready to help you save time and mind-space and impress friends by taking away the pressure that can come from the nerve-wracking stress of finding the right gift or building the right customized retention strategy just right for you.

Until Next Time,