It’s in the Bag – Appreciation Gifts at the Ready

Ready Bag - Sr Living

Have you ever heard the term “it’s in the bag?”  Not many people know where it originated.

Story Time

The start of the baseball season, May 1920, the Ohio newspaper The Mansfield News prints this report:

An old superstition was revived at the Polo grounds, New York. Recently when Eddie Sicking was dispatched to the clubhouse with the ball bag at the start of the ninth possession of a one-run lead.

This superstition originated during the run of twenty-six consecutive victories made by the Giants in 1916. The significance of it resting in a belief that if the bag is carried off the field at that stage of the game with the Giants in the lead the game is in the bag and cannot be lost.

In the bag, from the New York Giants’ point of view, meant something is certain or sure.  And that definition carries on today.

Ready Bags

Inspired by what is nearly certain, sure, and true, Favorable is introducing a twist on “in the bag,” with Ready Bags!

Simply, Ready Bags mean your gift of appreciation for clients, customers, and the like, are, dare I say, literally in the bag.  Once the contents have been determined, your bags are “at the ready.” And with a few moments’ notice can be in your hands or shipped to your recipient at your direction. And why you might ask? Because you will have them in your home or office “ready” to go whenever you want or need them.

I have curated Ready Bags across multiple business sectors including senior living centers, real estate, insurance, and education. The idea was to create a gift ready-to-go whenever you need them. For example, working with a senior center, they wanted move-in gifts ready for whenever a resident moved in. Then we decided to create another Ready Bag. It thanked those that referred residents and were a little cutesy with a good dose of puns and humor included.

Customized for You

Each bag was customized to the brand of the company and the contents were handpicked to convey the company’s message.  Real estate bags were created as closing and move-in gifts. Bags for educators and for residents of senior living centers were sincere and caring.

One recent project for an insurance provider used plant pots as the vessel complete with seeds to tell his story of how his business grows.


It’s the top of the ninth.  You and me… we got this.  Favorable Ready Bags are “in the bag.” Let’s chat and create yours soon. Just fill out the quick form on our Contact Us page and we can get started making your appreciation gifting life easier.